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Ballarat Triathlon Club is an inclusive club that welcomes members of any age, gender or ability.

Ballarat Triathlon Club is affiliated with Triathlon Victoria, which requires all club members to be members of AusTriathlon. When you buy an AusTriathlon membership you automatically have Triathlon Victoria membership. 

An AusTriathlon Annual Membership provides you important insurance coverage and access to an abundance of impressive member only benefits, while supporting the sport of triathlon within Australia.

Membership options are available for junior, adult and family. Click this link for further information.









New to the sport? If you have never been a member before there are several options available. A 14-day trial pass and a 8 week try before you buy program. To activate one of these you must sig up on justgo first, select Ballarat Triathlon Club and then select trial membership.

Key features of both programs – you must be new to the sport, you can’t use this if previous member, does NOT include event entry or insurance for sanctioned events, these still need to be paid. Covered with insurance for training only.


Click this link for further information.

Ballarat Triathlon Club membership
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