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Coaching and Training

Ballarat Triathlon Club is an inclusive club that welcomes all members with no requirement of having a coach or scheduled training. Being part of our club and participating in our events is a fun way to get involved, learn, and get fit. Being part of the club allows you to soak up knowledge from experienced members and find training buddies, race partners, and mentors within the club community. The club is very proud of its community approach in which is provides a safe and welcoming environment for people to experience their first triathlon and learn the basics while also boasting a rich history of mentoring locals to great success.

​We encourage new members to reach out to any of our committee and have a chat if you are wanting any further guidance.

If you are looking for local training we have compiled a list of some local options with various specialties and experience levels, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. This list is for informational purposes only, and the coaches are not affiliated with our organisation and/or covered by our insurance. We encourage you to research each coach and contact them directly to discuss your individual requirements.

• Ballarat Gold Swimming Club
• Ballarat Swimming Club
• Ballarat Masters

• Swimace (Ballarat Tri Club members receive a discount)

• Rod Griffin Running Squad
• Athletes Foot e:
• The Tann Clan Ballarat
• Nev Running group: 0428337567 Level 4 distance coach
• Wendouree Athletics Club
• Ballarat Park Run
• Eureka Athletics
• Ballarat YCW
• Ballart Harriers



• Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club:


• GPC Squad









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