Ballarat Triathlon Club 2016 Winter Event Results

Olympic Ave, Mount Clear
Event 1, Sunday 15-5-2016 Results Here

Back of Pax Hill, Spencer st East
Event 2, Sunday 5-6-2016 Results Here

Hillcrest Road Nerrina, Sth Side of foot bridge
Event 3, Sunday 26-6-2015 Results Here

Slaty Creek Creswick, #1 picnic ground
Event 4, Sunday 17-7-2016 Results Here

Event 5, Sunday 7-8-2016 Results Here

Katy Ryan Rd and Boundary Rd Canadian
Event 6, Sunday 28-8-2016 Results Here

Cnr Shire Ave & Boak Ave, Mt Helen
Event 7, Sunday 11-9-2016 Results Here

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